Hello, it has bin a while, i have bin very buizzy so i didnt had any time to update my site.

Fist of all i’m going to tell oyu something about the 2012 IFCA SLALOM torbole, after that i got a report of the Windsurf Worlds Medemblik, a little story about the MISSION XL 2012 and last but ot least a report of the Bic Techno Europeans, 3 weeks ago.


At the beginning of this summer holiday i went together with my dad to Lake Garda, Italy for the Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom Worlds. We had a really short time to prepare, we arrived only one day before the competition started.

The first two days we did not have enough wind to race, the third day it was finally on.

Before the start my dad told me: try get as far as possible, this is your first Slalom event so we dont know yet where you are to the other sailors. I became 2nd in my first heat, this was enough to advance to the semi-finals, in the semi-final i became 3rd, it was like: WTF…. I am in the final. My final was really bad, i fell in two times and became 9th, better luck next time. At the fifth day of the event there was enough wind for another elemination, this one went realy good and i became 7th.

In total i became 2nd U15(same points an NR1) and 7th U17.

After the IFCA in Italy i went back to holland for the Windsurf Worlds 2012. This Bic Techno Event had over 350 competitors!!! Everybody had a great time in holland and is was a very good organised event.

Windsurf Worlds Medemblik 2012

DAY 1               Wind: 0-4 knots

At the first day we had the practice race and the opening ceremony. The openingceremony  was very spectecular with 5 top dancers doing their act.

DAY 2             Wind: 6-9 knots

We had a few nice races today, nothing special, my results were about 25th

DAY 3               Wind:  11-16 knots

At day 3 i was doing very good, the wind was perfect and everything just came together. I scored a 2nd place, a 6th and a 8th.

DAY 4             9-11 knots

This was a very long day, at 9,30 in the morning we did the first two races.

After this two races the Gold and Silver fleet was made. The publication of the final resuts was very long due to protests and redress requests. That was also the reason that we had to go out again at 18.00!!

DAY 5         Wind 10-12 knots

Gold fleet racing!!!!! Today was a very good day for me, all my results were top 20 so it was a nice day.

Once i was waching TV with my friends at our home, my coach came in and said: Come lars, we got a protest!! We went really quick to the regatta office,we were waiting in front of the jury room. After 10 minuits the jury came out of the room and my coach asked them: Protest dismissed? No, it is to late you lost! We didnt even came in the room!!! Shit happens, i had a 30% pennalty for that race.

DAY 6        Wind 8-10 knots

The last day wasn’t a good day for me, i did not like the ligth wind and i dropped a few places today.

The prizegiving and party was just like the rest o the event, super!!!!!!



The 9th mission was a very nice event, the wind was the wolhe weekend about 15-30 knots.

Saturday we had 6 races, i became top 3 all the time, it was really nice. At 7pm the barbecue was warm enough and we had a good meal. 10pm the tombola started, followed by the famous mission party.

Sunday there was even more wind, the schedule was 3 more race and a final. I liked the strong wind realy much, and my results were also good. The final was very heavy battle between me and Sam Wennekes, we had the same speed and at the finsh the difference was less than 2 meters. We both asked the commity boat and they said i won!!!!

I the afternoon the prizegiving started, i heard that i won the MISSION XL 2012 U15 boys.

Bic Techno Europeans Murcia 2012

Halfway of october i  went with the Dutch team to Murcia, Spain. We had a few days of training before the competition started, i skip that and i go straid to the competition:

Day 1     

We had about 10-12 knots today, just enough for me to plane of the dagger. We did 2 races today, i became 17th and 14th.

Day 2

In the late afternoon we went out in 4-5 knots, we only did one race today due to the very ligth winds. I did not like the ligth wind and i became 30th in the race.

Day 3

Today we had the same wind as the first day, perfect for me again. I became 14th the first race of the day. The seacond race was a special one for me, i became 6th. The first reach we had 12 knots wind, i went port tack just after the start. Becouse everybody went the other way i had free wind. The seacond upwind the wind droped but i was with 10 other people realy far in front of the others so they were not able to get close again. I lost 2 places in the downwind but i still became 6th.

Day  4

Today we had a realy nice wind with gusts up to 25 knots. I was very consistent with three 25th’s

Day 5

Today we had a middle wind again, the gusts were 14 knots and the average wind was 12 knots. I wasnt my day with a 17th an a 31th.


This was my report of the 2012 events. I want to thank my dad, mom,, Loftsails, Patrik Diethelm, Jibe City and last but not least my coaches RJ van Velzen and Marco Kraaijenzank.