Loftsails wave slalom freestyle zeilen accessoires.


Wind vision is performance greater than the sum of the parts the board, the rider and the rig become life-like windsurfing at its best! Designs from The Loft are alive, breathing, living performance available from the rig in all conditions.
Forward sail profile orientation, high skin tension and a soft-twisting, exhausting leech work together to produce life-like rigs that expand performance and wind range.

Living, breathing designs are characterized by trim reactivity:
– Soft trim raises the power center; powering-up the rig in light winds.
– Hard trim lowers the power center; streamlining the rig for strong winds.



Our materials are 1st quality: we engineer our sails with specialized mast pocket styles, state-of-the-art triaxial and bi-axial laminates, woven polyetsers in varying weights and finishings.

Loftsails are produced with progressive construction techniques: multiple scrim- adhesive reinforcements, 5-layer glued seams, extruded pvc edge and batten wear guards, molded batten end wear studs details that produce state-of-the- art sails.

Loftsails hardware is also exclusive: multi-sectioned batten systems (rods and tubes) with location-specific carbon content, precision-ground profile tapers, stainless 3 and 4 roller pulleys and multiple clew eyelets, individual batten tensioning systems top quality components.


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Loftsails wave slalom freestyle zeilen accessoires

Loftsails wave slalom freerace freestyle zeilen en accessoires

Het volledige aanbod Loftsails zeilen en accessoires bij Wij zijn loftsails dealer binnen Nederland. Je bent hier aan het juiste adres voor je loft zeilen. Kies uit o.a. de Racing Blade, Switchblade, Speedblade, Airscape, Oxygen, Purelip of BladeFR. Naast de zeilen hebben we ook een uitgebreid assortiment aan loft accessoires. Vraag naar de voorwaarden.